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Red Jerk Chicken

& Honey Pepper Glaze

I'm going to show you how to master a fantastic jerk chicken recipe! If you like Jamaican jerk chicken and Moroccan recipes, this is going to be one of the best grilled chicken recipes you've ever experienced! It's a great fusion dish that combines the flavors of Jamaican and African spices finished with a honey pepper glaze.

Jerk chicken recipes are often laborious and time-consuming, but not with Red Jerk! You can even use it as a marinade for pork, beef and seafood if you like. It’s great on its own though, made with 27 spices and other ingredients to give it just the right kick. 



- 4 Chicken Leg Quarters

- Red Jerk Fusion Paste ( 2 TBSP Per Pound of Chicken)

- Red Jerk Fusion Rub ( Heavy Coat on each piece of chicken


- 1 Onion Sliced

- 1 Orange Bell Pepper Sliced

- 1 Red Bell Pepper Sliced

- 1/2 to 1 Cup Honey

- 3 TBSP Butter

- 3/4 Cup Chicken Stock or Water


1: Score Chicken (cut slices across the top) and marinate is paste for 12 to 24 hours

2: After marinating add heavy coat of rub on each piece 

3: Grill directly over coals starting with skin side down. (10 minutes each side or until desired color is reached)

4: Move chicken to part of the grill not directly over the coals (indirect heat). Allow to cook until internal temp reaches 165

For Glaze

1: Add butter to a pan and melt 

2: Stir in 1 to two tablespoons of Rub or Paste follow by Onions and Peppers

3: Saute over medium-high heat until onions run clear

4: Stir in Honey and Chicken Stock/Water and simmer until glaze reaches desired thickness

5: Taste and adjust salt and spice to your preference

Pour over chicken and enjoy!!!! 

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